My first exposure to hooked rugs was while volunteering at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum (GPM) in Dunvegan, Ontario. Upon viewing the GPM rug collection, an immediate decision was made to go from admiring to learning how to create my own hooked rugs.

In 2016, I earned a certificate of distinction in Fibre Arts – Traditional Rug Hooking from St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Ontario. In addition to hooked rugs my fibre interests also include penny rugs and braided rugs.

Volunteering serendipitously led to my fibre arts passion and the museum is an ideal venue in which to demonstrate this pioneer creativity.

Sandra MacPherson 

Artist's portrait by maren (aged 12)
Artist's portrait by Maren (aged 12)

The artist is especially pleased with the heart displayed above her head.

 My Portfolio 


Hooked Rug Sign
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Maple Leaf
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braided rug 1
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